For security teams, the focus has been shifted from the network because the network in the cloud is inherently “low trust” and securing the infrastructure and application services themselves.

Another advantage of using vaults is to minimize the number of places where credentials need to be stored and, therefore the risk of insecure storage.

Delphix provides creating data environments on-demand, in minutes. These data environments can be added to the Delphix engine using Vaults. Delphix supports Hashicorp Open Source, Hashicorp Enterprise, and Cyberark Vaults.

Getting the Hashicorp Opensource vault Ready to be used with Delphix

We will authenticate the Delphix engine with the Hashicorp Open Source vault and explore the various…

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I am going to update this space every time I come across something new, productive, which improves the code readability or can optimize the python code. So keep watching this space.

Fallen in love with functools.partialmethod

Using functools.partialmethod we fix the arguments that are the same over most of the calls if a function is required to be called again and again.

We can pass the arguments that are required to be changed over repetitive calls. We of course need to take care of the ordering of the parameters otherwise can use keyword arguments.

# A normal function
def normal_function(a, b, c, d)…

Agile Testing Quadrant by Brian Marick

In the above deployment

we are creating two ClusterIP micro services, sports and fitness with 5 replicas each deployment

Another NodePort micro service which has a nginx reverse proxy configured to serve the fitness and sports micro service with /fitness & /sports respectively

Github repository

Lets look at the sample micro service fitness and sports which does contains the required dockerfilles and sample flask app directory and could be found at below locations

Creating the fitness deployment and a cluster ip service

What you will learn -

  • Creating a docker image using a Dockerfile
  • Pushing image to Dockerhub
  • Creating containers using the image
  • Deleting the images from Dockerhub using api

First of all we need an account on Creating an account, its very simple, then you need to create a repository, in fact creating a repository is not required, when we push an image its create by default -

Download the Dockerfile, i have already created one for your ease


Dockerhub login

$ sudo docker login
Login with your Docker ID to push and pull images from Docker Hub. If…

So far most of have a fair idea about decorators, if not then

“Decorators are the way in python we can enhance the functionality of function, or we could say we could supercharge our functions.”

def decorator(func):
def wrapper():
return wrapper
def hello():
def bye():

Now above two simple functions are there, they ordinarily print, “Hello” and “Bye”

>>> print("Hello")
>>> bye()

But now lets Enhance the functionality of hello and bye functions!

>>> hello_enhanced = decorator(hello)
>>> hello_enhanced()

But there a better way to do it

Let’s say we have an online store where we have different sections mobiles, watches, shoes etc, and we want to distribute the load to display the content from different servers.
In a containerised environment we can run different services on the containers and can configure reverse proxy to serve from the relevant containers.


For the details on topology, docker bridge networking used in this example you can refer my another post. Here we are going to much focus on reverse proxy.

Reverse proxy has several benefits -

SSL Encryption — The expensive resource of the origin server is not being…

Docker Bridge Networking in action — Deep dive with troubleshooting

In this post i am going to demonstrate a scenario, where i have two VMS, would say

Host-1 (ubuntu) and

Host-2 (Ubuntu) , Docker Host.

On Host-2, will deploy few Nginx containers using the docker Bridge network and will make these containers accessible from other machines in the network, as of now from Host-1

We can do the same using the Host network in the docker host and can access the containers with the IP address of the host and a specific port for each container however.

Below is our…

Elasticsearch snapshot is the backup of the one or more indexes in the elasticsearch cluster.


Create a snapshot directory

mkdir -p /esdata/esbackup

Give elasticsearch the permission to write on these directories

chown -R elasticsearch:elasticsearch /esdata/esbackup

Add the path to the elasticsearch config file

vim /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml

path.repo: ["/esdata/esbackup"]

Restart the elasticsearch services

service elasticsearch restart

make sure the elasticsearch service is in active state.

Create the repository, creating the repository backup

curl -XPUT -H "Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8" 'http://localhost:9200/_snapshot/backup' -d '{
"type": "fs",
"settings": {
"location": "/esdata/esbackup",
"compress": true

Check the repository

curl -XGET http://localhost:9200/_snapshot/_all?pretty
"backup" : {…

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